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Unova Related Plot Hooks; Looking for some more ideas on small adventures in the Unova Region
Topic Started: Feb 12 2018, 03:56 PM (280 Views)
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(If you are viewing this as a member of the Roll20 "Unova State of Mind" campaign, turn back now!)
Hey guys I'm trying to come up with some Unova-centric plot hooks for smaller adventures within my campaign. It takes place about two years after Black and White 2 and revolves around the shattered relationships between People and Pokémon after Team Plasma's reign of terror on the region, and also heavily draws from Mr. Buddy and Birdkeeper Toby's videos, specifically Mr. Buddy's "My Pokémon Evil Team" video. I was hoping some of you might be able to give me some ideas. I'm still new to both GMing and PTU so any insight or creative ideas to avoid repetitive story ideas would be extremely helpful! So far, I have utilized:

1) Starting the Adventure off several years prior to the Campaign, one of the players (as a child/prepubecent teen) has lost their parents' Cubchoo and Teddiursa whom they were supposed to be keeping an eye on. The other players in the party all gather (as kids) to seach for them, eventually discovering the two bears making a mad dash from a colony of the Combee and Weedle lines after they stole Honey. This prompts an impromptu fight using nothing more than Confused baby Pokemon and whatever improvised weapons they brought or can reach (ie Slingshot, swiss army knife, pepper spray, fallen branch, etc) against two waves of Combee and three Kakuna sentries who trap the players in a clearing. The players have to get the bears home saftely, but why are the bees so upset over a tiny amount of honey, and why does it seem like something sinister is watching them from a Hidden Grotto?

2) A veteren trainer and her Exploud (Veteren Oriana, Route 2) have vanished from Accumula town despite the fact that she's senile and supposed to be on bedrest. Her granddaughter (Lass Mali, Route 2) is extremely worried about the kind of trouble a trainer as powerful as her grandmother could get into, and begs the players for help before she hurts herself or someone else. Unbeknownst to the players however, the old granny has remembered she took Feats for riding Pokemon, and one very unfortunate Onix is the woods is about to have an extremely unpleasent awakening.

3) A string of thefts by various Pokemon in Nacrene City has been frustrating many of the local shopkeepers. While it seems to be mostly small things, candles, pastries, paint, and bouquets of flowers, people are beginnng to worry that there may be more than just petty crime occurring, "Maybe its the beginnings of what will soon be someone using their Pokemon to rob a bank!" "Or maybe someone will get hurt next time!" Determined to investigate and bring the theives to justice, the players eventually stumble upon a small community of Pokemon of various species helping a Cubone prepare for a makeshift Day of the Dead ceremony.

4) A much larger story point is focusing on the dissapearance of many people (see the aforementioned Evil Team video) including some of the nation's best and brightest stars, a boy named Nate and a girl named White who both had attained the rank of "Champion" from beating Alder and Iris respectively. But what does the evil team have to do with it and why are Psychic Pokemon like Unown and Musharna so important to them?
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I don't know that they're Unova specific, but I've got a solid collection of hooks on this blog, which has hooks sorted by pokemon. Most of them can be adapted to any setting really. Hope they help!
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