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Hey, welcome to the official Pokemon tabletop forums. Feel free to take a look around, but it is this forum's die roller that is the main reason we're here. To use the die roller, you can go to full reply and hit the roll button. The format is XdY+Z, where X is the number of dice to be rolled, Y is the number of sides the dice you're rolling have and Z is a flat bonus to that roll. So if I wanted to roll 2 six-sided dice and it has a +3 modifier the final format would be [result]9&4:2,2d6,3,9&2d6+3[/result].

Please clearly state what the roll is for and make sure to link your posts. Please note that I think that if you preview your post before you actually post it, it will mess up the roll. I will be making my own rolls privately.

With that explanation done, let's roll!
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