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Community Guidelines
Everything important can be summed by as follows: Don't be a Jerk.

* Keep discussions civil, and don't start flame wars or throw out personal attacks. It's okay to have passionate debates in threads, but control your tone and be mindful of the fact that people can't read body language, tone of voice, etc online and that you may come off as more hostile than you intend.
* Discrimination and insults based on race, gender, sexuality, etc are not allowed.
* Deliberately stirring conflict will absolutely not be tolerated. We have had problems with this in the past, and it should be abundantly clear to everyone by this point that everyone is here to enjoy Pokémon tabletop games, no matter which system they use, and making posts that are intended to start fights is a pretty crappy thing to do. Seriously guys, we've been over this before!

And here are a few standard guidelines to follow that you're probably familiar with if you've been in any online community before.

* This is an all-ages forum, especially because Pokémon is so targeted towards younger folk. Please keep all 18+ material off the site, as we do have members of the community who are minors. If you're hosting or playing in a game of PTA or PTU that has more adult material on another site or medium, that's fine, but don't describe 18+ content here.
* Post responsibly. This means not spamming bumps for your threads, not necromancing old threads that have long since died, etc.
* Please try your best to be easily understood. This is a forum, so you can take the time to format your post properly rather than using text speak. We don't demand perfection because not everyone here is a native English speaker, but your posts should appear like you made a good faith effort at comprehensibility.
* Check the stickies! There are stickied threads in most of the sub-forums with helpful information.
* Except for the cases of repeated harassment or threats, we are not going to police any personal communication (including PMs sent via the forum software) between members since it is a private matter between individuals.

If you break any of the rules in the Don't be a Jerk section, or post inappropriate content, or we deem your other behavior regarding the other rules obsessive (you consistently necropost, etc.), the following punishments will be handed out. Note that we reserve the right to skip punishments based on the severity of the offense.

* All rule breakage will increase your warning meter, represented by the five boxes underneath your username and avatar. The first offense will just be a warning using that system and a PM or a post notifying you, if necessary.
* After that, we'll move onto temporary suspensions of the use of your account. These can last anywhere between a day to a week.
* Finally, we will permanently ban your account from the forums.
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